Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tanya Whelan has done it again!!!!!

I simply love Tanya Whelan's fabrics!!  Her Barefoot Roses was one of the first fabrics I purchased when I USED to have an online fabric store!!  I have a little of it, very little of it stored away!!  I just can't get rid of it!!   She has a new fabric line coming out in December called Sugar Hill, and it's just gorgeous!!!  Oh she is amazing!  I just wanted to share that with you!  

I'm working on a few projects here and there and will share that later!   So many things going on in my life besides quilting!!!

Oh my!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A coffee filter wreath? Really???

My dear friend shared this blog post with me the other day, and it's so incredibly amazing I had to share it with you!  She told me about a coffee filter wreath she wanted to make.  Now, this friend of mine has very good taste, I love everything she has in her house.  But.....seriously?  A coffee filter wreath?  I couldn't imagine that looking very good.  But...take a look!  It's amazing!!!  I'm including the link here so you can make one too!!    We're leaving tomorrow for a short vaca....so until then!!!