Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy (Almost) New Year!!

I still have the bumper to work on for this Nicey Jane

I made this along time ago...but it was cute!

My next project....LOVE!  Pillow and Maxfield Ooh La La scrumptious!
It's really hard to believe 2011 is almost gone!!!  REALLY hard!  The older I get, the faster it goes!!!  This next year will bring lots of changes for me....but that's another post!  I have stuff to do today before tonight, so I'm just going to post some pics of what I've been up to these past few weeks.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Quilts, Quilts and more Quilts!

Is there anything better than a quilt?  I think not!   I first learned to quilt when I got married.    That was 18 years ago!  Sheesh I am OLD!   I wanted to learn to quilt since I was a little girl.  I was sure I would meet someone who would teach me, but it never happened.  I'm not one to sit around and wait for life to come to me, so I found a way!  Never regretted it.  I love love love to make things, but honestly the thing I'm best at is quilting!  So here's a few things I've done since my last post.  I hope you enjoy!!


Sandi Henderson Secret Garden
The always lovely Heather Bailey

I'm working on crib skirts too!  You HAVE to see the vintage crib I time!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Girl's World by Jennifer Paganelli

I have FINALLY purchased Jennifer's book "Girl's World".  I'm sorry it took me so long, because it truly is a delight to read!   I sat with my Chai Tea and looked through all the pages.  They are gorgeous!!  So many pretty things to look at!!!!   She said some very nice things to me in her inscription which I will treasure forever, and she sent me  some lovely Flower Power fabric.  This fabric is actually my favorite of hers!  Favorite print, favorite color.    How did she know?   I think I will make a pillow with it.  You know, one of those pillows that the boys know they BETTER not be messing with!!!     I love Jennifer, she is one of most encouraging persons I know!    I know she has to be a busy person, building a business and all!  But I always see her encouraging others on facebook, Flickr, blogs.   She is an inspiration to me!!!!   So....go buy Girl's World if you haven't already, it's worth it!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Slippers for me...Finally!!!

I finally did it!!  I made slippers...whoo hoo!  I've been wanting to make these for the longest time, but was a bit intimidated.  I really am a quilter...not so good in the clothing construction department! But...I needed a pair of slippers and decided it was time I took the plunge!  I purchased a pattern from Winterpeach.  You really should check out her shop.  She has lots of great patterns and for REALLY CHEAP!  

I did finish them, and am pretty pleased with the results.  They are a little sloppy but I cut the pattern out in a hurry.  I was leaving to visit a girlfriend and she wanted to see what I was working I needed something to show!   As a result the bottom fabric was a little too big, lesson learned!!!   The size is a little too big also.   I wear between a 7 and a 7 1/2.  They say to go up a size so I cut out a size 8.  I still need to wash them though, so I think they will shrink up a bit.  If not, I'll take them in at the heel.    The pattern also calls for stretchy cord, but  I had this gorgeous ribbon that looked great with it, so I used that instead.   Cording would have been easier, but not as pretty.     I have some lovely Christmas flannel that I think I'll use for my next pair.  It's starting to get a little chilly here, so flannel sounds really nice!!

My next project is a baby quilt, and I am kind of excited about it!  Of course I'm ALWAYS excited about starting a new quilt project.  I'm sure I'll have pics in a few days.   Or maybe next week since I'm going to visit my Aunt Mary this weekend.    My Mom lived with her before she died, and I want to help my Aunt take care of some business.  Plus, I really LOVE my Aunt, and she is such a fun lady!!!!  

Isn't that ribbon perfect? It actually looks better in person!

You can see the inside fabric  is a bit too big 

I used Lila Tueller's Santorino I love it!!

Cording would have been easier.  The ribbon on this was was a bit too big.  
I hope you have a very blessed weekend!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh Pinterest!!!

It has taken me awhile to "get" Pinterest....but now I GET it!    I get the obsession...the joy of seeing beautiful things....and sharing them with friends.  Have you tried it yet?   If not, you simply must! If you have, come follow me and I'll follow you!!!  

On the quilting front, I've been busy!!!    I just got the latest quilting book "Pretty in Patchwork Doll quilts" and I am loving it!!    It has quite a few really fun quilt to make, with very easy to follow instructions.  I highly recommend it!!!  

I have been on a bib frenzy to come later.  I also purchased a pattern to make slippers!  Have you ever made slippers?   I've been wanting to for a long time, and finally decided to go for it!  I have a busy weekend, so hopefully next week I'll get started on those and share!  If you have any suggestions, I'm open!!!

I was going to add more pics but blogger is having a hard time today and this took about 30 minutes!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tanya Whelan has done it again!!!!!

I simply love Tanya Whelan's fabrics!!  Her Barefoot Roses was one of the first fabrics I purchased when I USED to have an online fabric store!!  I have a little of it, very little of it stored away!!  I just can't get rid of it!!   She has a new fabric line coming out in December called Sugar Hill, and it's just gorgeous!!!  Oh she is amazing!  I just wanted to share that with you!  

I'm working on a few projects here and there and will share that later!   So many things going on in my life besides quilting!!!

Oh my!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A coffee filter wreath? Really???

My dear friend shared this blog post with me the other day, and it's so incredibly amazing I had to share it with you!  She told me about a coffee filter wreath she wanted to make.  Now, this friend of mine has very good taste, I love everything she has in her house.  But.....seriously?  A coffee filter wreath?  I couldn't imagine that looking very good.  But...take a look!  It's amazing!!!  I'm including the link here so you can make one too!!    We're leaving tomorrow for a short until then!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pillow Talk

I have been in a pillow making mood lately.   I just purchased a new pattern called Victory's the union Jack pillows you see below.  I was going to create my own pattern, but decided to not take the time.  I'm so glad I didn't because it is a bit complicated of a pattern!  the fabric I would have wasted probably would have cost more than the pattern itself!   

I've also had this monogram pillow idea on my brain for awhile, so it felt good to finally get one made.  I used Sandi Henderson's newest line called Secret Garden.  Let me tell you it is AMAZING!!     I will be making myself a quilt with that gorgeous fabric!
Monogram with Sandi Henderson's Secret Garden
Nicey Jane swing toss...I always need to use a little Heather Bailey fabric!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Little Apples by Aneela Hoey! Yummy!

I've been waiting for this fabric!!   I love love love it!!!   It's from Aneela Hoey called Little Apples.    It's a great fun fabric, that is perfect for boys or girls.   I decided to make a "square" quilt..for lack of a better name.   Just like my last fruit quilt, but this time I wanted to make this scrappy.  What do you think?   I have some layer cakes in my shop  in case you're interested...and for quite a nice price I might add!!

I have quilted it and need to add a binding.  I have two quilts to bind today, plus a purse I need to make for a customer.  My husband thinks we should was windows, but I'm thinking that little project would be a perfect father/son bonding time, don't you?   Whatever you do today, I hope it's happy!!!  It is Saturday, after all.

Squares ready to be put together
All those squares set out

This is my fav square

quilted and ready for binding

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Fresh Fruit Quilt ~ A Quickie Quilt Tutorial!

I found this wonderful fabric from  Fresh Modern Fabric on Etsy.  I love the brightness, it's so cheery.   I was going to make table runners and pot holders, but once I got the fabric ironed and ready, I decided to make a quilt.  It's such a fun fabric, and deserving of quilt status!!!   I went to my old standard and favorite quilt pattern that I have used for many years.  I have no idea what the name of this pattern is,  but I love it because it shows off a lovely square and is easy and quick to make.  I decided to put up instructions for anyone who wants to make one.   If you do, let me know and show me pics!!!

I am hoping to finish piecing it today, and quilting it this week.   Husband is gone for a few hours and boys are in school so it should be no problem!!

You can use all kinds of fabrics to change the look of this quilt.   I have some Joel Dewberry Heirloom which I will try next!  Can't wait!
Here are the pieces you need 1 square 5"~  two sides 2 1/2 x 5"~ and two more sides 2 1/2 x 9' 
First sew the two small sides on and press seams towards square
Then sew the large sides on and press seams towards square   

  •  It's so easy!!!!   

Friday, September 9, 2011

It's been awhile.......

Let's see.....what do I say?   Why have I been gone so long?   Is  it necessary to tell all?  I think not!  But let's just say it's been a doozy of a summer ~ and not in a good way :(  But.....all in all God is in charge and I am learning to lean upon Him more and more.   I have become more of a woman of prayer, that's for sure!!  I will share one Mom was diagnosed with cancer in May and died in June.  Enough said!  It's been very difficult for our family we all loved her so much.  I actually had a dream last night I was talking with her on the phone.  We did most of our talking on the phone!  I thought how nice it is to chat with her, then I realized it was my sister!  They sound so much alike!  I was sad but then I realized it's o.k. it's my sis whom I love so much!!   I think the dream was a message to me that I need to talk to my sister more!!     Anyways I really am glad to be back, I soooo look forward to catching up with my blogging buddies!!!    I'm leaving with a picture of my sweet Mother and Sis and myself.   Next post will be about what I have been SEWING!  I haven't been doing a lot of that this summer.....I find that I can't create when I'm not happy.    So...good news is I've been doing a lot of sewing these past few weeks!!!!
That's me on the left, Mom in the middle and my little sis Deb on the right
Love to you all......Jamie