Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Crib Sheet with Piping's finally here!!!

Please read through all instructions before you begin!!   

You will need to choose 3 fabrics.  Your base, (mine is red) sides (aqua) and piping fabric.
Base should measure 29" x 52", for the sides you will need two pieces  8 1/2" by 30",  and two pieces 8 1/2" by 53".  For the piping fabric you will need 5 strips of fabric measuring  2 x 42inches.   don't forget your actual piping cord!!  I used  Simplicity 4/32".  You will also need 2 yards of 1/4" elastic.
First cut out your fabric pieces
Cut off the edges of your selvedges for your piping fabric
Once you have cut off the edges of your selvedges on your piping fabric, sew all of your pieces together  .  Iron your seams flat.
When you have sewn all your piping fabric together , make your piping.  I use my zipper foot for this
Piping is done!!!!
Sew your piping onto the right side of your base fabric, matching raw  edges.
The corners are tricky!  I cut the corners a bit to help ease the piping around  the corners of the base.   Don't worry, it's going to be fabulous!!!  
When you come to the end of the piping and you need to join the ends, , I sort of criss cross them  so there won't be too much bulk.  don't forget to backstitch!
Now it's time for the sides!  Sew ALL of them together.  Start with one long side, one short side, one long side and then one short side, and then that short side to the long side.     When you're done it should look like  a tube.   
We are going to make the casing for the elastic first, so turn under the edge about 1/4" and iron!
Now turn that under about 5/8" and iron it down
Now sew all around on the edge, leaving about 1 1/2' opening.  This is where you will put your elastic once you're all done,  but not yet!!
Now it's time to pin the sides onto the base like this!!   
Once you've pinned it, sew it as close the the piping as you can get!!!!   Once you're done I zig zag my seams.  I suppose if you have a serger you would serge!  Frankly I'm too intimidated to purchase a serger, I am sure I would never be able to thread it :)
This is how it looks all sewn together, isn't it lovely?   Now it's time to put your elastic on!!  I attach a safety pin to the elastic, and then work the elastic through the casing.    
Once you have worked your elastic into the casing be sure to sew your elastic pieces together.  I like to use a small zig zag stitch, just to make sure it's secure.  Now sew together the opening and.....
 Look!  A nice crib sheet with piping.  It's not that hard!!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A leopard pillow??

Leopard and Roses....kinda like leather and lace?
I have never been too into animal prints, so when a customer requested a leopard print pillow to match the bedding I was making with Heather Bailey's lovely roses I thought it should be interesting!!!    She knew exactly what she wanted, so who was I to say no?    I finished it today and I absolutely LOVE it!!!   Isn't it gorgeous?  Who would have thought Heather's roses looked good with leopard?    

She also ordered 2 shams and a double sized dust ruffle.  I was in too much of a hurry to take pics of them all
I am so glad I finished this up today,  for tomorrow we go to the mountains!!  woot!  so excited!  It's been in the triple digits here FOREVER!  I'm ready for some cool mountain air.   Have a lovely weekend, be  back Monday!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Heather Bailey Saturday Market Bag in Garden District 

No snaps on this one, it's ready for business!!!

This is with the snaps all snapped up
I love Heather Bailey's Home Dec line Garden District.  It is truly gorgeous!  I would LOVE to redo all my furniture in it...wouldn't that be lovely!!!  Unfortunately there are 3 Harned men that do not approve.  So...I will have to be happy with a purse!  and I am :)  I used her Saturday Market Bag pattern for this one.  It is  a GREAT pattern with 3 different variations.  Heather amazes me with her talent, and attention to details.  I absolutely LOVE her patterns!!!     I plan on making one for Fall too!!!  The first picture shows the purse with the optional snaps on the side all snapped up.    The last picture shows the purse in it's full glory.  I am sure this is how I will use it all the time!  I tend to throw lots of things in my bag.  Do you do that too???  I'm amazed at what I find in my bags!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Blog Hop....come and see!!!

A little teaser....
I have recently met Melanie from Plum and June.  She is very talented, and apparently has a TON of energy!!!   I just can't keep up!    She has asked me to be a part of a "Let's Get Acquainted" blog hop she has created, and I have to say I am thrilled to be a part of it!   Check out the blog hop button on my page, and see all the fabulous tutorials out there!  My tutorial will be on how to do a crib sheet with piping.  I have had a few requests, so I thought that would be  a good one.  It's not till July 19th, so you'll have to wait a bit!!  But while you're waiting, please visit some of the very talented ladies on the hop you won't be disappointed!