Monday, December 16, 2013

12 Days of Sisboom!!!

I'm feeling a little guilty right now, because I actually get to post TWICE on the 12 Days of Sisboom!!  I'm not sure how I weaseled  got so lucky, but glad I am!  I could go on and on about how I love Jennifer Paganelli…but I've already done that so I will just get right to it!!!

One of the things I love about Sisboom fabric is all of the fabric lines always look so nice together!!!   On the quilt I am sharing, I have fabrics from the very beginning of Sisboom to present day Sisboom!  There has NOT been a fabric line from Jennifer that I don't like!   If you like her fabric, buy it now!!!  Seriously!  Since her style is timeless you will always have a use for it, and her fabrics tend to increase in value!   If you CAN find some of her vintage lines, you are going to pay about $70.00 a yard for it!!!    I regret using up all of my fabric I had from her Girlfriends and ModGirls line.  Ugh!  I have bits and pieces…and I will hang onto them forever.  Actually, I am making a quilt just for me with them!!!

I want to thank  Kelly from My Quilt Infatuation.    I used her tutorial for this quilt.  Isn't it a great pattern?   I loved making this quilt, and I have another one from her pattern in progress. I just know I'll be making a lot of these!
Check out her blog, she has a lot of pretty things to look at, and  she is super talented!!!!

Oh I love this quilt!!!!  

See the back?    My favorite yellow of all time!

All of the fabrics you see except the bottom two reds are from Jennifer.    Different lines, but they look nice together.  I absolutely LOVE that yellow!   It is the perfect shade.  I am hoarding it!

The fabric you see below on the far right bottom is from her Modgirls line.  I love it!  And yes, I am also hoarding it!!!  

A quilt blowing in the breeze…lovely isn't it??

Thankfully the blog tour isn't over yet!  we have four days left….I have them listed below.  Please stop by and be sure to leave a comment!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

12 Wonderful Days of Sisboom…..Oh and a Quilted Heart Tutorial!

                                                 Quilted heart Tutorial

 Welcome to my blog!  I am so thrilled to be a part of the 12 days of celebrating Jennifer Paganelli!

 I can't think of anyone more worthy of celebrating!   Not only is Jennifer an amazing designer that just never quits, she is such an encouragement to so many people! She is always celebrating others, it's time she was celebrated!!    If you need a pick me up, take a look at her  her blog.  It is dripping with creative ideas, and such happiness!!!  I go there every time I need a smile!   She truly loves to encourage.   I have never met her in person.  I've chatted with her on the phone, had some Facebook conversations with her….but never in person!  Someday I'm going to show up at her house!  Stalker alert!

 I first became acquainted with Jennifer's fabrics way back when she designed Modgirls.  I had no idea who Jennifer was, but I loved her fabrics and so did my customers!  I eventually started paying attention to the DESIGNER behind these amazing fabrics. I found her blog.  I found other people that love her as much as I do!  Oh what fun!   I really do love every fabric line she has created.  Jennifer never ceases to surprise me with her creativity.  So with all that, I give you a Quilted Heart Tutorial using her latest line Lucky Girl!

First you need to cut about 9-10 different strips of fabric 3" wide.  I had fat quarters, so that is what I used.  The length doesn't really matter, it's the width that's important!  You could use scraps too.  The goal is to cut 3" squares.  You will also need a background fabric. For this pillow I used white, but you could use any solid color you wish.  

Cut these strips into 3" squares.  You will need 30 printed blocks and 16 solid blocks. 

Now put together 10 sets of a solid square and a printed square.  Line them up nicely, and then with a pencil or a washable marker draw a line down the middle.  If you're confused…scroll down to the other pictures!  I need lots of pictures because I'm pretty much always confused when it comes to  following a pattern!  

See…there's your line!  

Now put a pin in it!  I like pretty pins, because I just like pretty things.  This pin is from my friend Jessica.   She was sewing at my house one day, and left these pretty green pins.  I kept them because they remind me of her.  She can't have them back!  Once you have it pinned, sew along the line. Right on the line!   

Like this!  Now where did that boring white pin come from?  Just ignore it.  

Just cut off one side and press it open 

Once you  press open your seam  it will look like this.  Isn't that pretty?  Once you have made 10 of these, put your squares together to make a pretty heart.  

Pretty Heart 

Now you re ready to sew each row.   Make sure you are careful to sew those squares the right way!  When your rows are done, press your first row of seams to the right, your second row to the left and so on.  That way when you sew the rows together your seams will be opposite and line up nicely.  

There it is!  All sewn together.  Now you can decide what you want to do with it.   I added small borders to make this into a pillow.  You could also make more blocks to make a nice quilt.  Or a wall hanging.  Or…you get the idea!  

For a 20" pillow I added 3" borders

All done and ready to quilt!   

And there it is!  time to make more :)

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