Monday, January 16, 2012

Civil War Diary Quilt Along

One of my "decisions",  (NOT resolutions...I don't believe in them!)  for 2012 was to join a quilt along.   Everyone seems to be having so much fun doing them, I decided I needed to join in!!   So I came along one that Heather  from House of A La Mode was hosting  on Flickr.  I decided this was it!!  It is now time!  Right after I joined I got about 6 custom orders in!  Now....I'm not complaining...really!    But in the back of my mind and on the floor by all the fabric there was the book!  Staring at me....mocking me?  See this is why I do not make much stress!!  I eventually got ahead of my custom orders, and yesterday I made my first block!  Whoo hoo!!  I am stoked...thrilled....pumped!!!  And by the words I just used you can tell I'm middle aged!!  Oh well.  I am thrilled with the fabric I chose.  It's by Violet Craft called Peacock Lane.  I have had my eye on that fabric for awhile and have been wanting to make something for ME from it!  So I have made a decision and stuck with it!  I believe it is going to be a good year!!

Violet Craft Peacock Lane  ahhhhhh!!!!


  1. Oooh! I can't wait to see this progress!

  2. I have two in the works....but actually have just finished a pillow with this fabric!! I'll probably take pics tomorrow...I LOVE it!!1