Friday, March 16, 2012

More Pillows and More of Clover!

Once again Clover is in the center of attention!  She honestly does this on her own, I don't call her over!  She loves to be in pictures!    I really have been needing more pillows, and with Jennifer's Crazy Love it's been easy to make a few.   I also have fallen in love with Violet Craft's Peacock Lane.  Have you seen her fabrics?  Love!   She has a new line coming out also, can't wait!!!    Now all I need is a new sofa!   I really want to get a dark charcoal Grey sofa..but so far hubby does not see the need!  I'll be patient :)  I used Elizabeth Hartman's stamp Collection Quilt Block to make both of these pillows.  It is so much easier than piecing them!  I have been wanting to try them out for a LONG time!!!   She amazed me with her talent!    It is Spring break around here and I am EXHAUSTED!    I absolutely love being with my boys,  having fun, so it is worth Mom being a bit tired!!!   But maybe a nap is in order today!   Hope you are having a fabulous week!!!   I have a lot of ideas popping in my head, so hopefully next week I'll get more done, although these ideas never stop!!!


  1. Than you so much! I love the pillows - and the pom trim... I'm a sucker for pom trim!