Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Home Review!!!! It's a Doggy Bed!!

Happy Home with some Crazy Love
Clover on her new bed, she loves it!

A bunch of us Jennifer Paganelli fanatics fans are taking turns making something wonderful from Jennifer's book Happy Home.   I was thrilled that I was asked to participate in this blogfest since I love everything Sisboom!!!   I seriously do!!   There are so many fun ideas in her book for your home, it was hard for me to decide.  I finally decided upon the adorable doggy bed.  Who am I kidding,  I've been wanting to make this for awhile and this was a nice kick in the pants for me to get it done!!!

I used all Crazy Love fabrics by Jennifer of course!    I love this line, it makes me SO happy.   I already have pillows made from this fabric in my bedroom, and since this will be in my bedroom it made perfect sense!!   The directions were SUPER easy!  I am a quilter, but followed the directions as they were written, just so I could say I did!  I am really TERRIBLE at following directions and prefer to make up my own.  I can honestly say these directions are easy and I had no problem figuring them out!!  

Here's a picture of George on HIS bed.  Isn't he adorable?   I think Clover secretly has a crush on him.  Who can blame her, he's very handsome!!!
George on his bed

I'm including a list of all the participants.  Even if it's past their show date,  I encourage you to check out their blogs.  These ladies are incredibly talented!!

June 11 Jenny Fish

June 12 Cathy Caprio Peckiconis

June 13 Judy Buchanan 

 June 14 Guest on Sew Pretty Dresses: Shannon Branscom Winters

June 15 Leah Kinghorn

June 16 Monique Reynolds

June 17 Melissa Peda

June 18 Jamie Harned

June 19 Stephanie Messer Danko

June 20 Kristi Pernell Elston

June 21 Kathy Hennessey

June 22 Courtney Watford Davis

June 23  Guest on Sew Pretty Dresses: Jade Nocella Jenny Fish

June 24 Sally Keller
June 25 Tour Wrap Up   


  1. If I had a dog, I would totally be making this bed! It looks awesome!!

    1. It's a definite need for a doggy! Read Cathy's idea below, I think it's a good one!!!!

  2. I love the doggie bed! You know, these make awesome floor pillows for watching tv or sitting on whilst playing dolls too! Love the Crazy Love too! Thank you so much for sharing...gotta try this one too!

    1. Cathy I have been wanting to make pillows for us too! That is a GREAT idea!

  3. Clover is such a lucky dog! I think we're all going to be drooling over Crazy Love for a long time to come. The big question is whether we all bought enough!

    Great job on the dog bed!

    1. Thank you so much!! I am almost out of my Crazy Love already!!! And clover is a lucky/spoiled dog!!!