Monday, December 16, 2013

12 Days of Sisboom!!!

I'm feeling a little guilty right now, because I actually get to post TWICE on the 12 Days of Sisboom!!  I'm not sure how I weaseled  got so lucky, but glad I am!  I could go on and on about how I love Jennifer Paganelli…but I've already done that so I will just get right to it!!!

One of the things I love about Sisboom fabric is all of the fabric lines always look so nice together!!!   On the quilt I am sharing, I have fabrics from the very beginning of Sisboom to present day Sisboom!  There has NOT been a fabric line from Jennifer that I don't like!   If you like her fabric, buy it now!!!  Seriously!  Since her style is timeless you will always have a use for it, and her fabrics tend to increase in value!   If you CAN find some of her vintage lines, you are going to pay about $70.00 a yard for it!!!    I regret using up all of my fabric I had from her Girlfriends and ModGirls line.  Ugh!  I have bits and pieces…and I will hang onto them forever.  Actually, I am making a quilt just for me with them!!!

I want to thank  Kelly from My Quilt Infatuation.    I used her tutorial for this quilt.  Isn't it a great pattern?   I loved making this quilt, and I have another one from her pattern in progress. I just know I'll be making a lot of these!
Check out her blog, she has a lot of pretty things to look at, and  she is super talented!!!!

Oh I love this quilt!!!!  

See the back?    My favorite yellow of all time!

All of the fabrics you see except the bottom two reds are from Jennifer.    Different lines, but they look nice together.  I absolutely LOVE that yellow!   It is the perfect shade.  I am hoarding it!

The fabric you see below on the far right bottom is from her Modgirls line.  I love it!  And yes, I am also hoarding it!!!  

A quilt blowing in the breeze…lovely isn't it??

Thankfully the blog tour isn't over yet!  we have four days left….I have them listed below.  Please stop by and be sure to leave a comment!!