Friday, September 9, 2011

It's been awhile.......

Let's see.....what do I say?   Why have I been gone so long?   Is  it necessary to tell all?  I think not!  But let's just say it's been a doozy of a summer ~ and not in a good way :(  But.....all in all God is in charge and I am learning to lean upon Him more and more.   I have become more of a woman of prayer, that's for sure!!  I will share one Mom was diagnosed with cancer in May and died in June.  Enough said!  It's been very difficult for our family we all loved her so much.  I actually had a dream last night I was talking with her on the phone.  We did most of our talking on the phone!  I thought how nice it is to chat with her, then I realized it was my sister!  They sound so much alike!  I was sad but then I realized it's o.k. it's my sis whom I love so much!!   I think the dream was a message to me that I need to talk to my sister more!!     Anyways I really am glad to be back, I soooo look forward to catching up with my blogging buddies!!!    I'm leaving with a picture of my sweet Mother and Sis and myself.   Next post will be about what I have been SEWING!  I haven't been doing a lot of that this summer.....I find that I can't create when I'm not happy.    So...good news is I've been doing a lot of sewing these past few weeks!!!!
That's me on the left, Mom in the middle and my little sis Deb on the right
Love to you all......Jamie


  1. nice to have you back jamie, very sorry about your mom.

  2. Jamie I am so sorry for your loss. There is nothing like our moms. Nothing. God bless you girl. I will say a prayer for you.