Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pillow Talk

I have been in a pillow making mood lately.   I just purchased a new pattern called Victory's the union Jack pillows you see below.  I was going to create my own pattern, but decided to not take the time.  I'm so glad I didn't because it is a bit complicated of a pattern!  the fabric I would have wasted probably would have cost more than the pattern itself!   

I've also had this monogram pillow idea on my brain for awhile, so it felt good to finally get one made.  I used Sandi Henderson's newest line called Secret Garden.  Let me tell you it is AMAZING!!     I will be making myself a quilt with that gorgeous fabric!
Monogram with Sandi Henderson's Secret Garden
Nicey Jane swing toss...I always need to use a little Heather Bailey fabric!

I love the burgundy and blue from Jennifer Paganelli's West Indies fabric.   I think this is my fav so far!  I really love the colors....Jennifer always has great fabric out!  

I have some really pretty soft "shabby" style fabric next!   You should see my studio it's filled with tons of these union Jack blocks.  I think I'll make a quilt next....or maybe just a few more pillows!!!  I am definitely obsessed, I just can't stop myself!!


  1. Very nice! Love the JP pillow too! :-)

  2. Just love that Union Jack! I had to pop over from flickr and read more! Love the monogram pillow too!

  3. Hello Jamie, I'm sorry for your lose. I lost my Grandmother last year. I'm super glad you come back to blogging. You need people to be able to make you laugh and smile. I'm new to blogging myself. I found you on the Phoenix modern quild page. So, you must be a local gal like me. I'm your newest follower. Come over and see me. Hugs-- Sandie