Saturday, July 7, 2012

Heather Bailey Saturday Market Bag in Garden District 

No snaps on this one, it's ready for business!!!

This is with the snaps all snapped up
I love Heather Bailey's Home Dec line Garden District.  It is truly gorgeous!  I would LOVE to redo all my furniture in it...wouldn't that be lovely!!!  Unfortunately there are 3 Harned men that do not approve.  So...I will have to be happy with a purse!  and I am :)  I used her Saturday Market Bag pattern for this one.  It is  a GREAT pattern with 3 different variations.  Heather amazes me with her talent, and attention to details.  I absolutely LOVE her patterns!!!     I plan on making one for Fall too!!!  The first picture shows the purse with the optional snaps on the side all snapped up.    The last picture shows the purse in it's full glory.  I am sure this is how I will use it all the time!  I tend to throw lots of things in my bag.  Do you do that too???  I'm amazed at what I find in my bags!!!

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  1. This is adorable, I just popped over to say hello from the Lets Get Aquainted blog hop, Hope to see you around.