Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A leopard pillow??

Leopard and Roses....kinda like leather and lace?
I have never been too into animal prints, so when a customer requested a leopard print pillow to match the bedding I was making with Heather Bailey's lovely roses I thought it should be interesting!!!    She knew exactly what she wanted, so who was I to say no?    I finished it today and I absolutely LOVE it!!!   Isn't it gorgeous?  Who would have thought Heather's roses looked good with leopard?    

She also ordered 2 shams and a double sized dust ruffle.  I was in too much of a hurry to take pics of them all
I am so glad I finished this up today,  for tomorrow we go to the mountains!!  woot!  so excited!  It's been in the triple digits here FOREVER!  I'm ready for some cool mountain air.   Have a lovely weekend, be  back Monday!

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  1. Maybe one side means yes and one side means no???? lol! No, really, I love the contrast....beautiful!